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This is a letter about Janaka's activities in 1998.

Text COM:1194225 (99 lines)
From:     Jayasacisuta (das) DDG (BPI/RVC) (USA)
Date:     26-Mar-98 16:45 +0000
Refernce: Text COM:1194163 by Rupa Raghunatha (das) HKS (Tallinn - EST)
To:       Rupa Raghunatha (das) HKS (Tallinn - EST) [186]
Subject:  Bhakta Janek Rozalka
Dear Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

This is the report I sent to the GBC.

I hope this meets you well.

Your servant,

Jayasacisuta dasa

Dear Chaturatma Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I am writing this to you on the request of Badrinarayana Prabhu to keep in
records for the Temple Services Office.

Over the past week we, the Bhakta Program Institute (BPI) have had
difficulty with one bhakta.  We was caught for attempted credit card fraud
of about $6,600 and stealing one checkbook.  I'll give you some history:

Last Spring (1997) BPI advertised on Com for a secretary/administrative
assistant.  Bhakta Janek, who had met Danavir Maharaja in Europe in the
summer of '96, responded.  BPI arranged for his religious worker's visa,
etc.  For several months he rendered very valuable and reliable service.

In the beginning of February Danavir dasa Goswami, President of BPI and GBC
Minister for Recruiting and Training, left for India, along with Vijnana
dasa Adhikari, Vice-President BPI and Vice-Minister for Recruiting and
Training.  They had supervising Janek closely for the entirety of stay in
the US up until this point. Immediately after they left Janek's sadhana
began to decline.  It eventually reached the point where he was attending,
at best, one complete morning program a week, and his rounds were
questionable.  He was occupying his day buying and selling things on the
Internet, eating bhoga, listening to mundane music and reading mundane
literature.  Yes, he would do some service, but in the absence of Maharaja
and Vijnana there wasn't that much to do.

I had been assigned to supervise BPI activities while Maharaja and Vijnana
were away.  I made several attempts to help Janek improve his spiritual life
to no avail.  I wrote Maharaja expressing Janek's difficulties.  Apurva
Prabhu, Denver TP, where BPI is based, also made several attempts and wrote
to Maharaja.  Maharaja respond by saying that he should be removed from all
computer related services, and serve in the kitchen several hours a day.  He
should also attend full morning and evening programs without fail.

As expected, this news hit Janek hard.  I didn't compromise on the
instructions, but I did offer him that he could check his email once a day
through my computer under my supervision.  The first time he did this, he
lied to me and used Vijnana's name to purchase computer parts on a credit
card Vijnana and I are joint holders of for $6,600.  Vijnana had called from
India to cancel the card so, fortunately, they didn't go through.  I learned
of something by a phone message.  When I questioned Janek he said not to
worry, he had used his credit card, not ours.  I later confirmed this was
false.  When confronted Janek admitted it was a lie, but he felt he needed
to be dishonest in order to live.  Living for him means being involved in
this sort of Internet gambling.  Also, as part of these transactions, Janek
sneakily used another devotee's computer despite that devotee previously
denying permission.

When Janek turned in his keys, he turned in all but one vehicle key.  When I
noticed this he denied having it.  I showed him the keys he gave me and that
the one he claimed to be the missing one was for another vehicle.  Then he
conceded and found the real key to me.

When Janek turned in the checkbooks he turned in 12 of the 13 he had access
to.  It took me some time to notice one missing.  When I did and approached
him, again he denied.  I asked him to let me go through his stuff and I
couldn't find.  He offered different location where the checkbook might be.
Having seen it with all the other checkbooks previously, I was suspicious he
might have it.  Later he admitted and returned the checkbook.

Also this morning he admitted to me that he thought our credit card had a
$40,000 credit limit and he had intentions to use that much.

There is one outstanding charge on the credit card for $226.03 that it
appears he made and $25-50 unaccounted for in one account.  I have yet to
approach him on this.

He has shown no remorse, neither has he made any sort of apology for his
offenses.  The plan at this point is to turn him over to the police and have
him exported.

You may wish to warn other ISKCON temples lest he try to find some
responsible service there.

His physical description, bio-data, etc. are as follows:  His full name is
Janek Rozalka.  He a citizen of Estonia.  He was born in 1978.  He is here
on a one year r/w visa.  He is about 6'2" and 300 lbs.  He wears glasses.
He speaks English fluently and without much accent.

I hope this meets you in the best of health.

Your servant,

Jayasacisuta dasa
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